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We Are All Called is the culmination of a series of life experiences for Father J. Thomas Heron, 40 years a priest.  When Tom was just four years old, his dad died of heart failure. This impactful life event forced him to mature at a young age, but also led him to ask many important questions. If not for vital spiritual and vocational mentors in his life, he may have never learned how to cope with tragedy and death – which he has now seen many times over – with grace and goodness.


He is hopeful you will shed tears of joy and empathy as you read his collection of stories, and ultimately realize many truths in your own life.


“When you have good news, it’s hard to remain silent!!” “Over his 40 years of priesthood, Fr. Tom has had to tell the Good News of Jesus, the good news of his family and parishioners, the good news of life’s joys and, yes, sorrows.”

“Herein are stories of the human condition, the mystery of God’s love and forgiveness, the mystery of faith and love … A good read, indeed.” 

(Bishop Robert Morneau, Green Bay, Wisconsin)

This wonderful book, An Introductory Guide to Spiritual Maturity, is filled “nuggets of wisdom.” So says Bishop Joseph Coffey.


It unmasks the concept of mature spirituality as the response of human freedom to the impulse of the Holy Spirit within us all and that which is all around us.


For Christians, this encounter involves Jesus, not as a historical figure of the past, but as the resurrected Lord in the present… in the 21st Century.


“This book is for all people–for all of us who have many doubts and questions about our suffering in the world. Father Tom guides us into a spiritual maturity that is not merely for our own peace of mind and spirit, but a faith that is a gift to be shared with others.”

(Bill Mattia, Writer-Blogger)

Available in Kindle and Paperback versions from Amazon
Available in Paperback, Kindle and Audio versions at Amazon

Too often in today’s world, we receive a vanilla version of the Word of God from our preachers, regardless of faith or denomination. Warm and fuzzy sermons make people happy. Watered-down theology upsets no one. Yet, the Carpenter from Nazareth, Jesus the Christ, gave us an unvarnished version of the Father’s Word. He was radical and revolutionary in His message: “Forgive your enemies!” “Pray for those who persecute you!” “Judge no one, and you will not be judged.” Jesus called the religious leaders of His time hypocrites because they refused to walk the talk.



This Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) was born in a cave and was buried in a friend’s tomb. While preaching the Good News of His Father, He comforted the sick, the widow, the orphan. He “hung out” with tax collectors, adulterers, lepers… and some of the other misfits of society. He made the lame walk, the deaf hear, and the blind see. For this, the Carpenter was nailed to a tree between two thieves on a Friday we still call Good.



This book is the first volume of a series of straight-talking inspirational sermons by George DeFrehn. Book one explores the four Gospels. George has no canonical authority and carries no hidden agenda. These sermons are simply one person’s search for the Truth of Life, utilizing the Word of God—the Bible. These thought-provoking sermons are one lay person’s version of the words and parables used by the Itinerant Preacher from Galilee, hopefully in an unvarnished version. Although George is a Roman Catholic, he writes for all people, denominations, faiths, believers, and non-believers alike. If his inspirational sermons touch one person, one soul, and assist in their search for the Truth…then God did His job!



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“Finalist for the prestigious 2016 ERIC HOFFER AWARD for Independent Authors & Publishers”



He is respected in his community. He is a man of faith. He never had a DUI, spent a night in jail, lost a job due to his drinking, and he was never admitted to a rehab facility. He had never been told by friend or foe that he was an alcoholic; and he never purposely hurt anyone while drinking…or so he thought.


This is the memoir of a college-educated business person who made significant income and owned many material “things.” It has both humorous and tragic elements describing the author’s journey from alcoholism to sobriety.By faith, fortune, or just dumb luck he walked into a bookstore on his way to his vacation home and discovered a New York Times best seller written by a white-collar, educated, female journalist from New England that saved his life. Well, that is NOT the entire story. Several other people had their hand in his salvation from the disease of alcoholism–a man named Tom, who met the author in Bosnia, an alcoholic in recovery who is affectionately nicknamed “Gandhi,” and eventually two Native Americans named here as Running Badger and Bear. And… many, many more.


So… if you or a loved one or a friend or business colleague think you or they “might” have a problem with alcohol/addiction… this book may be for you and/or your family members.

This book available in Kindle and Paperback versions.